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Specializing In All Areas Of Back, Neck & Body Pain

With any treatment plan three visits is enough to know if you are improving or not.

After your third visit with Advanced Chiropractic & Neurology, PC you will be completely reevaluated to measure the success of the current line of treatment.

Your treatment will be changing as your condition improves. We constantly measure your results, to be sure you never go three visits without improvement!

Patient Testimonials

“Dr. John is amazing – he helped my daughter be able to ride in her car seat without screaming when she was an infant! Most of our family visits John or Colby! Highly recommended.”

– Sarah Kuhlmeyer Doty
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“My son started functional neurology for migraines yesterday. Very pleased with Dr. McClaren’s knowledge, relaxed nature, and simplified explanations. He took time to really listen & gave us tips & exercises to do between appointments. We’re hopeful that functional neurology will help.”

– Angela Monaghan
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“I started going to Dr. John 15 years ago when I was pregnant with my first child. He has done amazing work and even helped resolve issues other doctors and treatments could not! He is passionate about what he does and cares very much about his patients. I know he has worked hard to stay up to date on stuff. You won’t find a better place to go!”

– KC Cline
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“Just had the dry needling done to my calf, was having tightness in my Achilles, 1 session, 12 hrs later there was no soreness and pain was completely gone. I’m a big runner, so I’m very grateful to have discovered this office, recommend to everyone!! Dr. Colby you rock!!”

– Nicole Schreck Wolfe
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“John is both my chiro and a friend. I most recently went to see him for some pain I was experiencing in my hand when I flexed it a particular way. John took care of it in one visit and it hasn’t returned!”

– Chuck Cochrane
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“Best Chiropractic facility I have ever been to! This place has changed my life and I’m performing healthier and more efficiently then I ever have. John McClaren has taken care of any injury Ive ever brought to him! Even when you feel like there are no other answers for your injury or pain, John McClaren always has plan of action to get you back on track!”

– Jonathan Kunneman
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“John is Amazing! He LISTENS. That’s huge to me! He discusses treatment with me, while making me feel comfortable. Great guy! Does great work, without rushing! Very emphathetic and understanding! I’ve dealt with back pain due to surgery for a while. He’s very knowledgeable and is able to see the problematic areas, as well as address what is needed to help me progress! 5 stars!”

– Joannah Andrews
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“I only want the best to work on my body. As a retired professional athlete, it’s imperative to have someone who gives individualized care and knows your body. I have been seen both John and Colby for over 5 years getting adjustments and graston. Professional, friendly, and simply the best.”

– Amanda Bendorf
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“Dr. McClaren is the best! Both my husband and I see him. We moved away for a few years and had a hard time finding a chiropractor like him. He knows what he is doing and doesn’t “crack” you if you don’t need it. We are glad to be back in Nebraska and get wonderful chiropractic care.”

– Tricia Hiltgen
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“John is awesome, very forth coming and honest. He’ll let know if he can fix you in a appointment or two and give you exercises to do at home. He’s not trying to sell you a “membership” or milk your insurance.”

– Jae L
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Omaha Advanced Chiropractic and Neurology understands The Complexities Of The Human Body

Why Choose ACN?

We are the only clinic in Omaha that combines the physical manipulation or chiropractic with natural neurological treatments and muscle therapies as part of a total plan fo your full recovery.

Are Any Of These You?

· Chronic Headaches
· Chronic muscle tension
· Chronic back pain or fatigue
· Visibly bad or uneven posture
· Accidents involving spinal or head trauma (concussion or worse)
· Have been to medical Doctors who tell you you’re fine
· Doctor prescribes medicine, but when the prescription runs out you are back where you started
· treatment by traditional chiropractor or physical therapy but the problem comes right back